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The iToven Network is a AI-powered collection of music tools and sound libraries. Musicians of all types can immediately become master composers. Electronic producers can start using beautiful MIDI sounds in their DAWs by downloading the FREE desktop app. Try our new online naming generator too, no download required!

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About us

We empower music producers, composers, educators, and students with cutting-edge tools and interfaces powered by AI.



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We are committed to improving the musical process. Sleek UIs and simplistic terminology make the iToven Desktop App the perfect tool for any music producer, performer, teacher, or student.

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The iToven Network is supported by Amazon Web Servers and highly-efficient data structures. Our AI is capable of building hundreds of musical ideas per second and you can begin learning from them or using our unique MIDI sounds in your project instantly.



Our software has many features. Learn music theory directly from the AI's written material, use iToven MIDI sounds with your DAW, preview original WAV/MIDI sequences for musical inspiration, and so much more.

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iToven Musical AI is changing the way music is produced, performed, and taught. Download our free software to start making great beats, neat sounds, and professional sounding songs. Free music samples and music composition education!

The Scoop

Have you ever gotten your equipment ready for a jam sesh, but suddenly forget everything you know about writing songs? Wouldn't it be nice to learn music with your eyes AND ears together on your laptop/desktop, for free? Our app provides multiple ways to do just that. Anyone with an account can find unlimited musical ideas to read, hear, and import into their projects. It can instantly build and show you tons of detailed, advanced/simple musical sequences and ideas on demand. Instantly elevate your music with the app and along the way you will pick up all the musical theory you need to become an expert composer. All of our sounds are Royalty-Free forever!

Market Overview

The rise of platforms such as Soundcloud and Spotify have caused an explosion in the amount of music being created.

More and more people are realizing how interesting and challenging the music space is;

With the iToven AI network beginners and advanced musical theorists will be able to fully utilize their creative arsenal in this competitive music scene.

Leveraging AI with Music Theory

Computers are capable of calculating and remembering lots of information. With the right information, certain computers can make calculations about things like chord progressions, scale intervals, time signatures, note lengths, and much more.

iToven AI is constantly building sounds and music for the iToven Network and Desktop App.

The Future of
Our Company

Exceed IO Inc (our parent company) will continue to develop unique cross-platform creative software and dramatically affect the music industry.

We are committed to expanding the iToven platform to create a vast network of sounds, software, and learning materials for music producers, performers, educators, and students.

iToven combines centuries of musical data with the newest cloud technology to create the world's first free-to-use AI-powered musical composer and sound collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start using this software?


Our free Desktop App works for both PC and Mac. Simply download it from our User Portal to get started.

What can you do with it?


Build small to massive compositions with the help of iToven AI, learn/teach music theory, choose between 50 unique MIDI instruments to sample, collect MIDI sounds and sequences, and more (all at the click of a button).

Is it free-to-use?


Yes, you can create an account, download the iToven Desktop App, and start your musical journey FOR FREE.

Who is behind this software?


Exceed IO Inc (est. 2017) is a miscellaneous software enterprise founded by Arthur Lee Martinez. It is registered in Delaware and based in Austin, Texas. Other software from this software includes the Scratchr - TX Ranker tool available at

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iToven Sounds - Musical AI

  • System Requirements:
  • Windows 7+ or Mac OSX Catalina+.
  • 2GB+ Ram 1.4+ GHz Processor